22 nov 2012

Each style of nail file has its own strengths and weaknesses, this is why choosing a proper set of nail files is a very personal decision. Metal nail files are very abrasive and I don’t recommend using them. Emery board nail files are less expensive and abrasive than the metal ones but you can’t sterilize them, so you should use an emery board for a single person. But, if you want to invest in a product that will really make a statement, you should consider investing in some glass nail files.

Mont Bleu Company was founded in Prague. They produce high quality crystal nail files and other accessories decorated with Swarovski crystals such as hair brushes, cosmetic brushes, tweezers, jewellery and much more. You can buy their products from the site: Design Glassware. They ship worldwide and offer secure payment through PayPal or Credit Cards (VISA, Master Card, American Express). 

Their glass nail files are made of high quality tempered Czech glass. Crystal nail files will last forever and have an unlimited guarantee on abrasive surface. These files take care of your nails because they prevent brittleness and don’t splinter the nail like emery boards, metal or cheaper glass nail files because they have a smoother and even surface. All nail files come in a protective case. It can be a soft plastic, suede (velvet) or hard plastic for maximum protection.

In the online shop you can find different kinds of glass files. The Classic Line is the cheapest one where you can find a variety of sizes and colours. The Crystal line includes glass nail files decorated with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones. This is one of their bestsellers. The Elegant line is also decorated with Swarovski elements but the glass files are black and square shaped. The Jewelry line includes glass nail files decorated with semi-precious stones and precious metals. If you want a nail file with your horoscope sign you should choose the Zodiac line.

Furthermore, they have a luxury edition, 3D design and hand painting nail files. I love hand painting designs, they are really beautiful. If you don’t like any design, which is really difficult, trust me, or if you want to buy a very special gift you can personalize the glass nail file or choose a gift set containing a glass nail file, a compact mirror and tweezers packed in an elegant gift box.

For more information, you can either visit their online store or their blog or follow them through social media : Facebook / Twitter.

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